Party calls for more work on climate change

Green campaigners have called for more to be done to reduce the impact of climate change in the borough.

The Green Party in North Tyneside has been speaking out over North Tyneside Council’s local Draft Plan which has been out for consultation.

Members have welcomed plans such as prioritising brownfield sites for housing and development but feel more could be done with regard to issues such as the impact of climate change.

Penny Remfry said: “Climate change is already affecting local residents, not just by coastal erosion and flooding, but by the rise in food prices.

“The North Tyneside Green Party would like to see the Local Plan reflect a sustainable development strategy based on balancing environmental, economic and social needs.

“That means, for example, seeing the open land in the borough not just as a site for potential building but as a resource for local food production and an opportunity to promote bio-diversity.

“Similarly the borough could be collecting food waste – now done by many local authorities – to generate energy through anerobic digestion which could be used to offset energy costs of running services in the borough.”