Party decline to stand in protest at mayoral system

The North Tyneside Green Party have decided against nominating a candidate in protest at the elected mayor system.

Party officials say the system is “intrinsically undemocratic” and against the needs of the people of North Tyneside.

Instead, they feel the local authority should be governed by an elected cabinet selected from the ranks of local people and not by one person.

Party spokesman Martin Collins said: “As such, the North Tyneside Green Party will be using its resources to either initiate or join in a campaign to hold a referendum to abolish the present elected mayoral system and replace it with a leader and committee system.

“North Tyneside Green Party will be back on the electoral campaigning trail for next year’s local elections as well as supporting our three European candidates.

“The party is always happy to have new people join in with its activities promoting the economic, social and environmental sustainability required in order to achieve a socially just and sustainable future for North Tyneside.”