Party leader calls on young to vote

Campaigners for Britain to say in the EU have called for residents to ensure they are registered to vote.

Saturday, 14th May 2016, 7:50 am
Natalie Bennett (second left) with In Campaign supporters.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett visited Cullercoats on Monday to highlight the importance of the EU Referendum on June 23.

She said it would be a ‘tragedy’ for young people if they failed to register to vote before the deadline on June 7.

The party leader also highlighted the impact Europe had had on the region, with beaches cleaner and more attractive to tourists.

Ms Bennett said: “Politics needs to be something that everybody does, not something that people have done to them.

“The choice we face at the EU Referendum is important and it will impact on people’s lives decades into the future. We need to see that young people particularly have their say and are registered to vote.

“Young people are much more likely to be in favour of ‘Remain’ than older people. It would be a real tragedy if we saw the over-70s make a decision that will impact on today’s 18-year-olds for decades to come.

“I don’t want young people to wake up on June 24 facing the damaging prospect of a Brexit, regretting that they didn’t get a say.

“We are looking down on Cullercoats bay and can see a beautiful clean beach with young people out playing games.

“We have to acknowledge that Europe has been an important part of the cleaning up of our beaches. We can have cleaner seas and oceans, cleaner air.”

“We can protect and enhance our wildlife, but we can better achieve this when we are working with our partners in Europe.

“The EU is a real leader in tackling the biggest and most pressing issue we face today – climate change.”