Party selects candidate for mayoral election

ANOTHER candidate has been announced for the mayoral elections in May.

The Liberal Democrats have chosen Dr John Appleby, 56. He is Newcastle University’s head of the school of mechanical and systems engineering.

Dr Appleby, who lives in Battle Hill with his wife, lists his experience of managing large teams of staff, controlling and administering very big budgets, and developing strategy.

He said: “North Tyneside needs more effective co-operation between elected members and officers, and involvement of local residents if it is to make progress.

“A fresh and truly democratic approach is needed. That’s why a Lib Dem mayor would invite skilled councillors from each of the council parties to join the cabinet and, ultimately, ask the electorate in a referendum if they are satisfied with the whole system of having a mayor.”

Labour has announced Coun Norma Redfearn as its candidate while current mayor, Linda Arkley, will be seeking re-election for the Conservatives.