PATH: All kinds of users cause problems

In response to Dr Hutton's letter (News Guardian, February 11), I feel that some consideration needs to be given to all users of footpaths, cycle-paths, shared foot/cycle-paths, and roads.

Saturday, 20th February 2016, 10:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 15:10 pm

It’s too easy to criticise users of all modes of transport, whether it be pedestrianism, cycling, or motoring, as all have inconsiderate, boorish and just plain ignorant folk in their ranks.

I recognise that Dr Hutton did say a substantial group of the cycling fraternity are guilty and not all, but I question his statistic as it is, of course, subjective, as are most of these kinds of grouses.

Nevertheless, as a lifelong pedestrian/runner, cyclist and motorist in that order, of 74 years of age, I feel that I have the experience and observation to assure him that there certainly are many cyclists who deserve his wrath, but by the same token there are as many dog walkers, runners, mobile phone enthralled idiot pedestrians, and intoxicated, bad tempered, mobile phone wielding idiot motorists who deserve it too.

Most of us in any grouping are generally reasonable people with the usual human failings, but when we are young, as many of the culprits are, we tend to have less patience, so please let’s try to be more forgiving and live and let live.

WA Brown