PATH: Cycling is prohibited

North Tyneside Council would like to say again how much we sympathise with the resident who was struck by a cyclist on the footpath at St Mary's Island and how relieved we are that she was not seriously injured, (News Guardian, July 19).

Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 6:31 am

The route leading to the lighthouse is a public footpath and, as such, cycling is prohibited.

The newly installed signage and waymarkers make this very clear.

However, to remove any ambiguity we have also positioned a bright red ‘No Cycling’ sign on the footpath.

We hope that our resident is reassured by this.

A number of paths leading to and from the lighthouse now form part of the England Coast Path and, as such, the council has been able to secure funds from DEFRA and Natural England to resurface the paths, install a new bridge over the burn, and refurbish the stairs down to the causeway.

These improvements have been carried out to make the experience more attractive for pedestrians and dog walkers, not for people on bikes.

While we know that most of the borough’s cyclists are considerate and follow the rules, the behaviour of this particular individual was not only selfish and inconsiderate, it was also dangerous and illegal.

Although the individual in question is solely to blame, we would encourage people on bikes to obey the signage and markings in this area and to exercise some common sense when merging or crossing a public footpath.

Coun Carl Johnson

Cabinet member for environment and transport