Patience is the virtue for show

Cast members had to show a bit of patience as they put their best foot forward for an upcoming production.

The male cast at Tynemouth Gilbert and Sullivan Society faced a unique challenge when they were required to perfect military marching as a regiment of Dragoon Guards.

Thankfully, they have within their midst John McCauley, a former real-life Sergeant Major, who volunteered his services and has been training the men’s chorus to the point where their drill would pass muster on the toughest of parade grounds.

The work was part of the rehearsals for ‘Patience’, the sixth time the society has staged the performance, under the watchful eyes of Kaye Rudd, in her second show as musical director, and Val Corbitt, who has been directing with the society for many years.

The operetta is a rollicking tale of poets and soldiers battling for the hearts of fair maidens and was a satire on the late 19th century Aesthetic movement, with the character of Bunthorne being something of an Oscar Wilde character.

However, the piece still rings true today as it pokes fun at all sorts of fashionable fads and trends, and is full of lively tunes, very silly dialogue and colourful dancing and movement.

Tynemouth Gilbert and Sullivan Society will present Patience until Saturday, June 14 at 7.30pm (Saturday 5pm) at the Priory Theatre, Tynemouth. Tickets are £12 and can be purchased by calling 07463 640781, visiting or on the door.