Pauline overcomes the odds to celebrate GCSE results

Pauline Kidd, and her son Logan, with her GCSE results.
Pauline Kidd, and her son Logan, with her GCSE results.

A teenager is urging others not to give up on their education after she overcame the odds to celebrate her GCSE results.

Pauline Kidd, 16, said just collecting her results meant much more than the actual grades.

The student at Moorbridge Pupil Referral Unit achieved ten A* to C grades and is now delighted to have the choice of either going on to do A-levels or a health and social care course.

But her achievement is an important milestone that marks five years of investment by her teachers at Moorbridge and her own determination to turn her life around.

Pauline said: “If someone had told me I would achieve this five years ago I wouldn’t believe them.”

When arrived at Moorbridge after being excluded from her previous school for bad behaviour, suffered from low self esteem and was overcoming many challenges during her childhood.

Three years ago she was placed in care and over that time has moved placements four times, and become a young mum to two year-old Logan.

Pauline, who earlier this year collected a North Tyneside Learning Partnership Star Award recognising her achievement, hopes that others might be able to learn from her achievement.

“I got kicked out of school as I was trying to be the class clown – to my own cost,” she said. “I wasn’t right in big classes and I worried about what people thought.

“I regret that now and wish that I had worked harder.

“I would say to other people don’t give in to peer pressure. People say it’s just an exam, but it’s not it’s about your life and your future. I cared too much about what people thought of me.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you are interested in learning, just enjoy it and be proud of it.”

In a personal letter to staff at Moorbridge, Pauline wrote: “Anyone visiting Moorbridge now would find it hard to believe that I was once the shy and intimidated one. From day one teachers have stood behind me, looked after me, gave me someone to turn, talk to and ask for advice.

“Each teacher has helped me turn into who I am today, which is the complete opposite of my old self.

“In 2012 I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted to be or even if I was going to be alive to see the future, but with all the support offered I can finally be 100 per cent sure that I am going to make it in life and I will be successful and I will have everything, if not more than what others do.”

Moorbridge is a Pupil Referral Unit for KS3 and KS4 students living in North Tyneside.

The school, in Shiremoor, provides learning for students who require additional support, including those who have been permanently excluded or at risk of this, students with a medical or psychological assessment, students with Statements of Special Educational Needs.

Headteacher, Karen Croskery said: “The pupils at Moorbridge all, without exception, performed well above expectations.

“We are honoured as staff that the pupils have trusted us to help them through this difficult time and allow us to share in the joy of their success and help them bridge the gap to the future post 16 provision.”