Pavements are designed for pedestrians and not vehicles – which results in damage

I SUSPECT the poor state of pavements in the borough can only indirectly be attributed to poor maintenance or the weather.

In Brantwood Avenue the plethora of trucks, vans and skips attracted by the need to repair damage caused by June’s floods seems to be fading away to Hull or wherever they came from. The damage caused to the pavements since June is now apparent. This damage was not accidental; not an act of God or freak of nature, and I trust the perpetrators will be held to account.

Part of the maintenance regime for any asset is that it be used in the manner intended.

Pavements are designed for pedestrians, not vehicles. This part of our infrastructure asset is being attacked all across the borough, and damage caused which we can ill-afford in these straitened times. If their use is to be changed, so does their construction. If they remain as they are they’ll continue to be damaged and require repair. Either way, it costs money. Who should get the bill?


Whitley Bay