Pavements are for the pedestrians

I have been following comments made recently through your column about parking controls with interest.

If anywhere in the country needed enforcement officers it would be North Shields Fish Quay.

There is a perfectly good car park there which car drivers seem unwilling to use, preferring to park anywhere they choose.

Pavements, street corners, anywhere that is the most inconvenient position for pedestrians to negotiate seems to be the norm.

In fact, the more awkward the better as far as some car drivers are concerned.

I have seen mothers with young children and pensioners nearly mown down by some drivers anxious to get a ‘free’ place to park.

All I can say is you must be very hard up indeed, unable to afford a few pence to park in the car park provided.

We could really do with some yellow lines down there.

Meantime, please remember pavements are for pedestrians and not for parking!

Mrs Irene Davidson

North Shields