PAVEMENTS: Just the tip of iceberg

I feel that S Hoben has only mentioned the tip of the iceberg regarding the difficulties in negotiating the pavements of North Tyneside (News Guardian, September 20).

Friday, 5th October 2018, 6:32 am

The pedestrian appears to be the group in our society that is the last in getting consideration.

What is the point in landscaping the sides of pavements if there is no maintenance thereafter? Our council should attend to this.

Householders who do not cut back their hedges should be made responsible.

We then have the worsening problem of the parking of vehicles, including the council’s and emergency services’ vehicles.

Wheelie bin placement adds to the list.

Some paving contractors block the pavements with their material, and some seem to have no regard for the pedestrian, or themselves, in creating clouds of dust. If they have a death wish by not using protective gear that is for them, but why should the rest of us have to breathe it?

Then we have the skip wagons that break up paving stones.

Please do not make feeble excuses for all of these. Contact our council and complain. Contact our local Members of Parliament. We should use the ‘People’s Army’ tactics, where numbers can make a difference.

I am a citizen who uses the pavements and has no desire to have an accident due to others’ inconsideration.

Many thanks for reading this.

Bryan Ray

North Shields