People are born gay and it is a natural part of the human race

AS a sister to both a straight and gay brother, I found the article on same-sex marriage (News Guardian, February 7) quite repulsive.

I know from experience that no one in their right mind chooses to be gay.

Who would choose a life of abuse and prejudice?

But people are born gay and it is a completely natural part of the diversity of the human race – and animal kingdom.

Being in love is magical, and wanting to commit to another person and have the relationship acknowledged by law as a ‘proper, serious, committed’ relationship is a beautiful thing.

I cannot fathom how any couple committed to each other (regardless of the gender dynamic) is a threat to society? It makes me angry that one group of people (heterosexual) can tell another group of people (gay) how they can and cannot live.


North Shields