Fishing boat runs aground in Tynemouth

A fishing boat ran aground on Tynemouth’s infamous rocks.

Friday, 7th February 2020, 2:16 pm
Updated Friday, 7th February 2020, 2:17 pm
The fishing boat which ran aground on the Black Middens rocks in Tynemouth. Picture by John Millard Photography

Tynemouth RNLI inshore and all weather lifeboats were launched early on Friday morning after the vessel ran aground on the Black Middens inside the Tyne harbour.

The skipper of the 20m, 163-tonne vessel radioed for assistance after his vessel suffered gearbox failure whilst sailing out of the harbour, leaving him unable to avoid the rocks.

Once on scene the volunteer lifeboat crew members ensured the crew of the stranded fishing vessel were uninjured and in no immediate danger before the crew of the Severn class all weather lifeboat Spirit of Northumberland attached their tow rope to the trawler.

Several attempts were made to pull the vessel from the rocks but the tide was falling and it proved impossible to free it.

After consulting with the skipper of the fishing vessel a decision to leave it where it was until the next high tide, with the lifeboats returning to help remove it.

Members of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade also kept watch from shore.

Adrian Don, spokesman for Tynemouth RNLI, said: “Since the Tyne became a major harbour many vessels have been wrecked and lives lost on the notorious Black Midden rocks which are the main reason that lifeboats were first established on the Tyne way back in 1790.

“Thankfully no one came to any harm in this incident and our volunteer crew members will return to use their skills to get the casualty vessel refloated and her crew returned to safety.”