North Tyneside children take to the streets for climate change protest

Young children took to the streets of North Tyneside to raise the awareness of climate change.

Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 9:00 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 10:27 am
Children in Tynemouth on their Fridays for Future march.

Children braved the rain to take part in the international Fridays for Future march.

The campaign, launched last year by Greta Thunberg, sees children take time away from the classrooms on Fridays to take part in demonstrations to demand action from government leaders to tackle climate change.

And the protests in North Tyneside were shared by 16-year-old Greta on her Facebook page, receiving more than 11,000 Likes and comments.

Parents were proud of the efforts of their children, who walked along Tynemouth seafront before ending their protest outside Tynemouth Priory.

Neil Percival, of Monkseaton, said: “We had absolutely no idea that our young daughter would get up at 6am design and make her own banner. She found all the materials herself and by the time we got up, it was all done!”

Andrew Sayers, of Cullercoats, said: “It’s the kids’ determination to keep on with these Friday marches that has got me here. I’ve been to every single one.

“My union Unite is pushing for action on climate change.”

Fiona Robertson, co-organiser of the marches, said: “Schoolchildren are spearheading this and forcing it onto our attention.

“There are Eco-clubs in local schools, dependent on the voluntary work of teachers.

“Younger children are looking at the value of reducing single-use items and waste in packed lunches and school snacks, and following the recycling journey of a crisp packet.

“Other pupils are sending cards and letters to Australia to show support for the bushfire crisis there and learning about Australian habitat, wildlife and history.”

The next march is due to take place on Friday, February 14, going from Cullercoats Beacon to Whitley Bay.

For more information visit the North Tyneside Youth Strike4 Climate Facebook page.