Taxi firm offer free trips to supermarkets for elderly and NHS staff

A kind-hearted North Tyneside taxi firm has stepped in to help get elderly people to supermarkets for their essential food items.

Thursday, 26th March 2020, 9:00 am
Beryl Greaves with EastCoast driver Mark Thewlis and her shopping.

Whitley Bay-based EastCoast Taxis offered free transport to elderly North Tyneside residents to transport them to Asda stores who have reserved early Friday mornings to specifically help them get shopping during the current crisis.

Paul Irwin, from EastCoast Taxis, said: “Older people are finding it increasingly difficult to use buses and the Metro system to get to supermarkets so early in the morning and of course they are feeling especially vulnerable with the risk of infection from the coronavirus.

“Our elderly customers have supported us over the years and now it’s our turn to repay them by allowing them to travel free in one of our vehicles.

“We posted on social media saying that North Tyneside elderly customers could free travel to and from Asda Supermarkets. It was the least we could do as a business for our community in a time of crisis.”

Beryl Greaves, of Bewick Park, Wallsend, said: “I’d like to thank EastCoast for their kind offer which helped me to do my shopping.”

EastCoast Taxis has also stepped in to help deliver free hot school meals to pupils at Marden High School during the current pandemic. And the company also offered free rides to NHS staff to Sainsbury’s.

Visit their Facebook page to see more about their support.