Whitley Bay clubs aiming to score cash windfall

Two community clubs are aiming to net a £5,000 cash windfall after kicking off a nationwide scheme aimed at boosting finances in the grassroots game.

Friday, 14th February 2020, 9:00 am
Updated Monday, 17th February 2020, 11:59 am
Newcastle United and Republic of Ireland goalkeeper Rob Elliot is helping promote GiveToLocal.

Whitley Bay FC Juniors and Whitley Bay Sporting have signed up to GiveToLocal’s 20 Day Challenge.

And officials from both clubs have called on their network of fans, friends and family to support the latest push to secure invaluable funding.

Whitley Bay FC’s chairman Paul McIlduff said: “GiveToLocal represents a fantastic opportunity for Whitley Bay Football club’s senior and junior teams to get additional financial support from fans, family, friends and the local community.

“It is also a double win for local companies – they can generate additional sales and, at the same time, support local grassroots football.

“I urge local businesses and all in the Whitley Bay Football club family to support GiveToLocal’s 20 Day Challenge.”

GiveToLocal works with more than 30,000 grassroots football teams across the country.

The North Shields-based organisation has committed to put £5m into the game every year.

Co-founder Neil Gardiner said: “We’re challenging every team within every eligible club to find 20 donors in 20 days.

“If the club meets that target then they will be entered into a pot with 49 other clubs for a maximum one in 50 chance of receiving £5,000.

“But that’s only part of the story.

“Based on the current average monthly donation, each team would bring in £1,300 annually.

“Multiply that by the 55 teams at Whitley Bay Sporting Club and you are looking at an annual income of £71,500!

“This is the GiveToLocal concept in a nutshell.

“We are here to help clubs maximise their potential by encouraging the local community to make regular monthly donations.”

Every team that hits their 20-donor target gets to choose from a selection of GiveToLocal branded equipment for their team.

GiveToLocal launched last year with backing from Premier League stars – including Newcastle United’s Jonjo Shelvey and Paul Dummett – and the Northumberland FA.

Newcastle United and Republic of Ireland goalkeeper Rob Elliot, a supporter of GiveToLocal, said: “When I spoke to Neil and I found out more about the organisation I was immediately impressed.

“You always get things put to you as a footballer but when I saw the concept and the way they've done it at GiveToLocal it was a no brainier for me in terms of the positive impact it can have.

“If we, as Premier League players, can help spread the word about the grassroots game and the challenges it faces then that's brilliant.

“At the end of the day we can help to create a community.

“Every kid wants to be a footballer. I was no different and I was very lucky to achieve it.

“But at grassroots clubs the football often comes second. They're a community, a hub and a safe place.”

For more information on GiveToLocal visit www.givetolocal.com