PERMIT: Can’t understand logic of increase

This is the first time I have written to a newspaper so it shows how strongly I feel. I just can’t understand, like previous correspondents, the logic of increasing the foreshore car permit charge from £50 to £250.

I use the Rendezvous car park five or six times a week to walk my dog and currently hold a permit which expires in March.

The daily parking charges last year were increased by 50 per cent, which seemed high, but the permit increase of 400 per cent is simply ridiculous. And the Rendezvous car park is being excluded.

Visitors are unaffected so presumably the council is targeting regular users who are likely to be ratepayers.

I will be the first to admit £50 was too cheap, but £250 is not value for money. I’m retired and it is a great deal of money.

In the winter, by the way, when the weather is as awful as it has been recently, there are less than half a dozen cars in the car park. Does this council seriously expect to raise more revenue with this price hike?

All the current permit holders I have spoken to will not be renewing so I suggest the residents of Monkseaton Drive and other streets off The Links brace themselves for increased parking outside their homes. I apologise now. Or the crematorium car park will be an alternative.

We have been told “there are great improvements on the way” to justify parking increases, but successive councils over the last 20 years have stated this.

Northumberland does not charge for car parking and South Tyneside has a vastly superior sea frontage, so there is competition for visitors.

Can I stress I have only ever voted Labour in my life and will continue to do so nationally, but this council will never receive another vote.

It doesn’t listen and I don’t believe it will change its mind on this issue.

I thought Linda Arkley was a disaster, but the present regime is trying to outdo her.

I hope the electoral are asked to vote whether we want a mayor or not. There will be only one result. Why we don’t just have a “leader of the council” baffles me.

Finally, I presume as no repairs are being carried out on the Victorian shelters on the promenade at Whitley Bay they are being left to rot. The council can then state at some point in the future they are a danger to the public and demolish them. Now that is what the present council is good at.

Derek Wake

Whitley Bay