PERMITS: Council is shooting itself in the foot

It is with dismay that I heard of the proposal to withdraw the Foreshore Parking Permit. I am vehemently opposed to this.

The council, in terms of public relations, has made shooting itself in the foot into something of an art form.

Council parking charges are already far too high, especially after a recent increase that was stratospherically above rates of both inflation and wages.

I know many other people who live at the coast who also have this permit and we all are adamant that we will not be using the pay car parks if this permit is withdrawn.

Apart from reinforcing the existing negative view of the way the council purports to meet the needs and wishes of its residents, we offer three main objections:

1. Our virtually daily visits to the coast will be severely curtailed/made more difficult and it will erode our enjoyment of our coast for our family leisure.

2. The council will lose the revenue from the sale of the permits.

3. As coastal residents we have an excellent knowledge of where we can park near the coast without incurring charges and this will have, in some cases, the unfortunate effect of encroaching upon residents’ street parking places.

So, in one clumsy swoop, the council might infuriate residents, lose revenue and increase congestion on some residential streets.

Well done.

One other scenario comes to mind – is the council going to ‘respond’ to public opinion and retain the foreshore permit whilst using the resultant tide of relief to float an increase to the charge?

Surely not, that would be cynical – wouldn’t it?

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