PERMITS: Unfair to residents

I believed our council was run by the Labour Party, which is allegedly socialist '“ i.e take off the rich to subsidise the poor.

Saturday, 24th March 2018, 5:30 am

It patently has forgotten that principle when it comes to parking charges in North Shields.

I read that it was the Labour council’s intention to impose a charge for possibly the poorest residents in the borough for a permit to park outside their own homes.

I think it is a total disgrace and a total contradiction of what its principles stand for, and should be withdrawn.

An additional insult to these residents is the fact that, even if they did pay for permits, if their street was full of parked cars they would be unable to park theirs.

This is doubly unfair because the more affluent residents, who park freely on the periphery of the town, have the bonus of their street being reserved for residents only. Perhaps a fairer alternative would be for the protection to be removed and to allow parking in those streets between 9am and 6pm to relieve the pressure on the town centre.

Having parking charges in the town centre is killing it and driving (pardon the pun) residents to shop at supermarkets and retail parks, where the parking is free and plentiful.

Incidentally, parking is free in all Northumberland town centres.

This charge is just another stealth tax and money-making scheme. However, it might not be as money-making as one might imagine if it were checked against the cost of administration. I believe the revenue goes into Captia’s coffers.

As I mentioned in previous correspondence when parking charges were increased in parts of the town centre to create a turnover of vehicles, the parking was never fully utilised anyway.

Town centres are dying, another reason not to charge for residents’ permits.

Come on you Labour councillors, wake up and serve your residents.

RD Mather

North Shields