Petition proves its worth on the day

I would like to thank residents of Cullercoats Village who contacted their ward councillors when they became aware of the relocation of the kiosk onto the hard standing in the harbour, adjacent to the RNLI building.

After holding meetings with residents the councillors contacted the mayor and council to express the concerns of local fishermen.

The fishermen in bad weather use the hard standing to store their fishing boats, and the kiosk at this location would have prevented this.

After numerous meetings between the council and the fishermen, often to the exclusion of the ward councillors, a petition was organised to bring pressure on. I would like to thank all the residents who signed the petition.

At the Cullercoats Conservation meeting on March 11, all the hard work by the petition organisers was realised when the groundswell of opinion became apparent and a decision was made not to locate the kiosk on this hard standing.

We were delighted that as a result of councillors and residents working together, once again we have gained a positive and successful result.

Coun Ken Barrie

Cullercoats Ward