Pitmen Painters on stage

A play about aspiration that everyone can engage with, as well as the power of art to unify people despite their backgrounds and experiences, will be on stage in Blyth from next week.

Friday, 4th November 2016, 8:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:38 pm
Pitmen Painters by Phoenix Theatre Company

For the first time the Phoenix Theatre Company is producing and performing the highly acclaimed production of the Pitmen Painters at the Phoenix Theatre.

The Pitmen Painters is based on the true story of a group of miners who took art appreciation classes and went onto create their own critically acclaimed works.

Executive director David Garrett said: “The pitmen spent eight hours a day in the mines and came out and had this rich life that completely changed their existence.”

The group largely made up of coal miners, first came together in 1934 through the Workers’ Education Association to study ‘something different’ – art appreciation.

In an effort to understand what it was all about, their tutor Robert Lyon encouraged them to learn by doing it themselves. What they produced was fascinating and if a picture paints a thousand words, these pitmen’s paintings speak more eloquently than any photograph – capturing every aspect of life, below and above ground. On stage from November 9 to 12.