Planning: Spanish City Dome needs better neighbour

We are really excited about the proposed Spanish City Dome development, which looks as if it might finally bring a bit of life back into Whitley Bay.

However, we feel very strongly that the reborn Dome deserves a more attractive next-door neighbour than the hotel currently proposed.

Everyone we have discussed it with agrees that the chosen design is both inappropriate for its location and aesthetically boring.

Premier Inn in other areas does its best to complement its surroundings. See its hotel in Exmouth, for example.

Why are we being offered something resembling a shopping mall, unsuited to a seafront area where, we hope, increasing numbers of people will soon once more be coming to enjoy their free time?

The Dome is an iconic building, and a period building. It is essentially a fun building. If the present design is accepted, the hotel and car park will loom as a jarring presence in its immediate neighbourhood.

Please North Tyneside, don’t let the heaven-sent developers down by marrying this listed building to a box-like structure of blank brick rectangles and grey, touched up with a few sheets of white and green.

Why not something along the lines of Exmouth?

Pamela Hood and Gillian Swanson

Whitley Bay