Plans for old colliery site


Developers are hoping to be given the green light to push on with plans to transform a brownfield site near Longbenton.

Urban regeneration specialist Muse Developments and Taylor Wimpey North East are looking to build 75 homes on the former Billy Pit Colliery site, as well as create a new access road from Whitley Road, along the western boundary of the adjacent Blue Flames Sporting Club.

Officials are hoping the plans, which include landscaping, are approved at North Tyneside Council’s planning committee on August 20.

Developers say the plans will ensure the land – whish suffers from historic contamination due to its former coal mining use – is remediated and will also create significant wildlife corridors and green spaces, helping upgrade the brownfield site to an ecologically sound environment.

Neil Beamsley, senior ecologist at consultants E3 Ecology, said: “The development looks to utilise an area of land with limited ecological and landscape interest, and will ultimately provide enhancements to the biodiversity of the area, as well the character of the landscape.”

Muse’s senior development surveyor Simon Dew said: “Effective and responsible landscaping can transform this site from a contaminated former colliery to a site where people will want to live.

“We hope we have demonstrated the inherent potential in the land to North Tyneside Council and the local community, especially as so many developers choose to build on greenfield land rather than finding effective solutions in alternative sites like this.”

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