PLAYHOUSE: We only want to see it prosper

Whitley Bay Playhouse'Picture by Jane Coltman
Whitley Bay Playhouse'Picture by Jane Coltman

Your correspondent (News Guardian, March 31) is mistaken in his comments on the Conservative objection to the elected mayor’s budget relating to the Playhouse.

Currently, up to a certain level, council taxpayers make up losses sustained by the Playhouse.

We made it very clear during the budget debate that we believe discussions should be held with the operators of the Playhouse with the object of increasing attendances so that the venue, which we value, does not operate at a loss.

This would be to the benefit of theatre goers and to the council taxpayers who fund the losses.

The Playhouse has, in some years, made a profit; we want to see this happen every year.

Coun Judith Wallace

Conservative Group Leader