Playing a part in fundraiser

Emma Jobes in her new chair.
Emma Jobes in her new chair.

A Wallsend-based football team played its part in helping bring joy to a youngster.

Wallsend Town FC held a sponsored football match at the NCL football ground in Howdon to raise money for Emma Jobes.

The nine-year-old, from Fenham, suffers from cerebral palsy and needed a reclining easy chair to help relieve some pain in her body.

Among the other organisations who helped raise the £3,200 was Coast Congregational Church at Cullercoats and the Newcastle Clinic.

Emma’s grandmother Issy, 46, from Fenham, said: “We are overjoyed, relieved and a whole lot less stressed now that Emma has got her new and much needed reclining easy chair which she loves.

“Emma is now much more comfortable with her spine and head well supported, she goes into the chair quite happily now and is more contented than previously.”

Emma is unable to do anything herself and requires 24 hour care; she has also had to undergo 10 operations and now needs a larger more sophisticated chair to help with support, comfort, and her quality of life.

Shaun Fryer, managing director of Newcastle Clinic, said: “We recently began sponsoring Wallsend Town FC as we believe that the work they do in providing opportunities to play and watch football is fantastic and provides a really positive outlet for anyone locally who loves football.

“When I heard about Emma and what she and her family has to contend with on a daily basis I was only too happy to get involved with Emma’s Fund and help get her that chair as soon as possible.”