Plea for new pet homes

AN ANIMAL charity is calling for local people to take home unwanted pets.

Pawz for Thought, which operates across North Tyneside, aims to improve the lives of abandoned and ill-treated animals.

Financial difficulties and jobs lost due to the recession have led to a high number of people wanting to rehome their pets.

This has led to a desperate situation for Pawz, which is struggling to take care of the animals.

As one of only a few animal charities to offer a lifetime contract, Pawz will take the animal back into care if people’s circumstances change, giving a prospective owner peace of mind.

Formed more than 10 years ago, Pawz for Thought is run entirely by volunteers who give their time and money to make the charity a success.

Dr Joan Harvey, a Pawz trustee from Tynemouth, said: “An older animal can provide companionship and love to an older person, and the lifetime contract means that many older people can consider a taking on a pet.

If you feel you can give one of the cats a home (there are also dogs and even chickens), contact Pawz. For more information visit or call 0191 5491982.