Please stop parking on borough’s pavements

I HAVE been totally blind since birth and have been a guide dog owner for 11 years.

I have lived in the Wallsend area all my life and I am fed up with people parking on pavements.

This creates an obstacle for all pedestrians trying to use the pavements, making it difficult for mothers with pushchairs, wheelchair users and others who want to use the pavement safely.

At worst, pavements obstructed with poorly parked cars can stop visually impaired people from being able to leave their homes or get to the local shops and to work.

In November 2011, Guide Dogs produced a report entitled Cracking Under Pressure, which revealed huge sums of money are being spent repairing pavements which are not designed for cars.

I recently wrote to my local councillors who said they were unable to do anything to improve the situation.

But in February 2011 the Department for Transport gave all councils in England permission to use signs to indicate a local pavement parking ban.

I am frustrated that my local council won’t use these powers.