POEM: What lies ahead?

Each morning, I look in the mirror and say,

Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 6:00 am

I wonder what’s in store for me today,

Will the postman bring a letter from far away,

Or will I get bills, I’ll have to pay,

I may win the lottery, but I hope I do not,

I’m quite content with what I’ve got,

I’ve got good friends, what more do I need,

If I crave for more, it would only be greed,

Maybe, I don’t sleep very well at night,

But once I’m awake, I feel alright,

Old age is golden, or so I’ve been told,

So it doesn’t worry me, growing old,

I’ll get on with life, I’m feeling fine,

You see, old age doesn’t matter,

Unless you are a bottle of wine.

G Snowdon