POLICE BOX: Outraged at permission

Residents in Percy Park, Percy Park Road, Seafield View and countless others are outraged at planning permission being granted to turn the police box at the dangerous junction at the bottom of the green into an ice cream and pizza parlour/cafe.

Saturday, 5th May 2018, 6:37 am

It is an accident black spot and a danger to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike. One child has been killed and three seriously injured in Percy Park.

There is nowhere safe to cross the roads and if this ludicrous plan goes ahead there will, no doubt, be many more accidents and possible deaths.

The majority of drivers treat both roads like a race track, despite the 20mph restriction.

It was stated that Di Meao’s had been planning this conversion for two years. How come no one in Tynemouth knew about it until very recently? The whole thing stinks.

To say there will be no smell from the charcoal filter pizza oven is a joke.

We hate to think about the disruption the building work will cause and the litter the pizza boxes will create.

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