Police bringing neighbourhood watch schemes together

POLICE are bringing together residents from four Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Wallsend, along with potential new members.

The joint meeting is being held on Tuesday, February 15, at 6.30pm in Wallsend Town Hall, High Street East.

Existing members and local residents who are interested in joining a scheme will take part.

Residents are invited to discuss policing issues with their local neighbourhood officers and get a progress report on how officers are tackling crime in their neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Pc Laura Batey said: “Neighbourhood Watch provides an important link between the police and local residents.

“We rely on help from communities to help us reduce crime and disorder.

“I would like to encourage more people to learn more about Neighbourhood Watch and become involved in joining a scheme.

“This meeting will give existing members the opportunity to talk to their neighbourhood officer and discuss issues affecting them.

“It will also give people the chance to talk to members of other schemes.

“We also want to encourage some new people to come along and join their local scheme.

“We’ve sent letters to current members and we hope they will also bring a friend who lives locally who may be interested.”

The four Neighbourhood Watch schemes are based in Wallsend East’s Boyd Road, Charlotte Street, Dene Crescent, Northumberland Street and Richardson Street; Holly Avenue, Laurel Street and Vine Street; Ash, Myrtle and Oak Grove and Station Road, Ferndale Avenue, Woodbine Avenue, Laburnum Avenue and Park Road.

Anyone with concerns about policing in their area can contact their local neighbourhood policing team on 03456 043043 ext 69191.