Police call time on teenagers’ drink den

Police will pour away any alcohol confiscated from under-age drinkers.
Police will pour away any alcohol confiscated from under-age drinkers.

A DRINKING den has been demolished and nearly 20 youngsters warned about the dangers of under-age drinking.

Police officers in Killingworth found the den in a wooded area close to a track which alongside the Metro line from Benton station, east of Granville Crescent.

Several bottles of cider, cans of lager and other drink were either seized from or poured out at the scene in front of the teenagers – girls and boys aged between 13 and 18.

Because all the alcohol was disposed of, the youngsters were given advice at the scene.

Killingworth Neighbourhood Inspector John Smith said: “Police community support officers, who regularly patrol the area on the way to Benton Quarry Park, where there have been numerous reports recently of youth anti-social behaviour, went to investigate after hearing noises.

“Seventeen youths were stopped and spoken to and given advice.

“We will be continuing our patrols in local parks and in known hotspots and will take action like this when required.

“We know it’s the minority who choose to act in an anti-social way and we hope that by taking action as we have here and speaking to them we can help them understand how their behaviour can cause upset for others living in their community.”

The action ties in with the force’s campaign aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour called ‘Put yourself in their shoes’ which is urging people to think about how their actions affect others.