Police tackle trouble on Metro system

POLICE are gearing up for a new phase of an operation to target disorder, crime and anti-social behaviour in and around Metro stations in North Shields and Tynemouth.

Officers from the North Shields neighbourhood policing team are joining forces with Metro staff to prevent crime and tackle under-age drinkers and fare-dodgers.

Inspector Geoff Cross, pictured, of the neighbourhood policing team, said: “We have run this operation before and know it is effective in preventing crime and making Metro users feel safer.

“We know that some criminals do use public transport to come into our area to commit crime, so we will be targeting known offenders too.

“Metro is a very safe mode of public transport, but we know we can help to prevent crime by working with our partners for the benefit of the travelling public.”

Uniformed officers will be making patrols of the Metro system and nearby areas to reassure the public.

Plain-clothed officers will also be involved, travelling on trains between Tynemouth and Percy Main.

Metro customer services director Sharon Kelly added: “Initiatives like this bring together different parties all committed to reducing the level of crime and anti-social behaviour both on the Metro network and close to stations.

“Such an operation is very important to Metro as it helps to make a safer, more secure travel experience for passengers.”

These targeted patrols will be carried out on busier evenings over the coming months.