Police target mini-moto riders

CSO John Ellis with a seized mini-moto .
CSO John Ellis with a seized mini-moto .

MINI motorbike riders are being targeted in a joint operation in Killingworth.

Neighbourhood officers have been joining forces with North Tyneside Council Waggonways Wardens to tackle anti-social riders who cause noise, nuisance and public safety issues on mini-moto bikes on public footpaths.

Officers are taking action against the illegal bikers and reminding them they face having their bikes seized under the Police Reform Act.

Officers are warning riders they can be risking their safety and that of other people using the Waggonways. They may also be breaking the law by riding without the correct documents and protective equipment such as crash helmets, boots and gloves.

Killingworth neighbourhood policing team, have been working with council Waggonways Rangers carrying out extra patrols to deter nuisance riders and reassure the public. As a result of their speedy intervention in separate incidents two mini motos have been seized from 16-year-old youths.

They also want to remind riders that these bikes cannot be used on local authority or public land and only on private land with the permission of the land owners.

This is the second bike police have seized from its owner due to their driving behaviour in the last two weeks.

Inspector John Smith said: “We have been listening to local residents who have told us about their concerns about anti-social behaviour.

“Now that the lighter evenings are here we want people to be able to safely enjoy these outdoor areas in peace and quiet.

“This illegal activity could end up with someone getting seriously injured or even killed. Riders also face being arrested for driving offences and having their bike seized.

“We’ve been listening to residents concerns about this issue and acted accordingly, working with our partners at North Tyneside Council. This has helped us to reduce the number of incidents of motorcycle disorder reported to us.

“We will be monitoring the area to make sure the problem does not start up again.”

Coun Pam McIntyre, North Tyneside Council’s cabinet member for engagement and the environment, added: “We want people to be able to enjoy our Waggonways in safety and without disturbance.

“Illegal motorbike riding simply will not be tolerated on the network.

“Our team works closely with Northumbria Police to tackle problems when they do occur and I’m delighted this latest operation was a success.

“It sends out a strong message to riders that they risk their bikes being seized and crushed.”