Police target unsafe drivers in operation

A new road safety operation is taking to the roads this week.

As part of charity BRAKE’s road safety week, motor patrols officers from Northumbria Police are rolling out Operation Laconia across the force area.

The aim is to try to and prevent collisions and to help make the roads safer.

Police will target dangerous drivers who put other road users at risk and identify vehicles that are not safe to be on the roads.

Mobile speed cameras will be at problem hot spots and anyone seen speeding or driving dangerously will be stopped and spoken to, with action taken depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Motor patrols Chief Inspector Sav Patsalos said: “Keeping road users safe is our priority.

“The operation will see officers looking for dangerous drivers and taking action against those found to be putting people at risk.

“Everyone we stop will get advice on their driving and their vehicle will be safety checked, and we will take appropriate action against anyone found breaking the law.

“With winter just around the corner the road conditions will be at their worst.

“It’s more important than ever for road users to be safety conscious.”