Police to mark students’ bikes for security

Students are to be given help securing their property as well as receiving fire safety tips.

Northumbria Police is holding a bike marking event at TyneMet College in Wallsend between 11am and 2pm on Thursday, February 27.

Officers will be on hand to mark bikes and provide crime prevention advice while the Tyne and Wear Fire Service will also attend to provide advice to students on fire safety.

The activity forms part of Operation Soundwave, which is aimed at targeting opportunist thieves such as bike thieves – with a key aspect of the campaign to offer crime prevention advice to help prevent people being a victim of a theft.

Police community support officer Mark Mather said: “This is a good opportunity for students to bring their bikes along and get them security marked for free.

“Security marking your bike is a really good way to deter thieves.

“It also makes it easier to return your bike to you if it’s ever stolen and recovered.”

Cyclists can take some simple steps to reduce the risk of having their bike stolen, including always making sure it’s locked even if left for just a few seconds.