Political logo was clear on petition

On Saturday, February 22, I was shopping in Park View shopping centre in Whitley Bay when I saw two men standing at an unmarked table with a petition against the closure of Whitley Bay police station.

I’m not in favour of the closure of our police station and so went across and signed the petition.

I then asked the men who they were and they replied that they were just residents,like me.

I then looked again at the form I had signed and saw that it bore a Conservative Party logo in the bottom right hand corner.

I then asked if it was a petition from the Conservatives and was told it wasn’t, that it merely bore the logo because they had printed the forms off for the men, who again asserted that they were just residents.

Imagine my surprise when I later learned that one of the men was actually featured recently as a Conservative candidate for Whitley Bay in a leaflet we received from the Conservatives.

As it happens, shortly after leaving the men and their petition, I returned and removed my name.

I couldn’t in all conscience support something that may have a connection with the Conservatives, as we all know it’s the Conservative Party cuts that are causing services such as our police station to close.

Jane Shaw

Whitley Bay