POLITICS: Corbyn right to lead party

I would like to reply to Councillor Green's letter of July 14, by saying that I did vote for JC (Jeremy Corbyn, that is) and do think that he is the right person to persuade people to vote Labour at the next general election.

Friday, 22nd July 2016, 6:15 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:55 pm

At the beginning of her letter she states that she agrees ‘totally with his values and what he stands for’ and then, strangely, at the end of her comments wishes for David Miliband to be re-instated as an MP, implying he should be leader.

It is hard to imagine anyone more removed from the values of Jeremy Corbyn than David Miliband and unless councillor Green wants a return to the failed policies of the New Labour project, I suggest she reviews her analysis of the present situation.

She also asks why the people re-joining the Labour Party did not stay and work for what they believe in within it?

May I suggest that (a) they left because the Parliamentary Labour Party prior to September of last year was failing the working class and (b) that with the overwhelming mandate given to Jeremy Corbyn last September, they, like hundreds of thousands then and since, see in Jeremy Corbyn the prospect that the Labour Party is getting back on track, at last – look at his parliamentary record.

It is policy that matters, not some slick, careerist pulling the wool.

Owen Smith, one of the so-called ‘unity’ contenders trying to depose Corbyn, has declared that he wants to ‘re-write’ Clause Four of the Labour Party Constitution.

It should have been left in its original form because it, more than anything else, reflected the true values that the Labour Party stood for, and if any real changes are to be made to rid this country of the yoke of Tory-ism, it should be re-instated as soon as possible and everyone, members, MPs and affiliated organisations, work to that effect.

Terry White

Labour Party member

North Shields