POLITICS: Energy must be priority

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It is all too evident even to those not interested that something has been going on in the UK’s corridors of power which influences our daily needs, indeed supports our very existence.

The selection of the all too well known ‘Boris’ as Foreign Secretary has already generated a huge amount of media comment worldwide, and I should limit my views.

I hope the UK does not declare a hot or cold war on Gibraltar, or anyone else, as a result.

My views, such as they are, concern the demise of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Surely everything we rely on in UK requires a totally reliable supply of electricity. All of our services are now dependant on secure supplies of electricity and fuel for heat, transport, etc.

Energy remains a life support requirement, as does the NHS, which itself has many modern medical services operated by electricity, as well as its normal needs for heat and light.

The department of energy had Ms Amber Rudd as secretary of state of energy and climate, with Mrs Andrea Leadsom as one of her ministers, frequently seen on the TV parliamentary channel.

The two ladies have now moved on to higher posts, leaving energy within a new conglomerate of business-energy-industry strategy, the business secretary gone elsewhere.

On the TV channel both ladies spoke clearly and could be regarded as being as good as the various news readers.

Unfortunately, it was equally clear that what they said did not give us reliable, affordable and clean energy, the contradictory ‘trilema’ often woven into parliamentary debates.

The greatest element of the ‘trilema’ is secure reliable electricity, and the new department has to deal with a UK climate in winter that is often quite cold. Indeed, this summer has been more of a winter.

Energy is far too important a service to be subject to the commercial machinations of business, though we are all too aware the energy suppliers are very commercial.

The department of energy should have been given greater importance and more power of control of business and industry.

AM Johnson