Politics to get interesting

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in the General Election.

Thursday, 15th June 2017, 4:53 pm
Labour's Mary Glindon and Alan Campbell celebrate their re-elections with increased majorities.

The five minutes it takes to go to the polling station has a big impact on what happens in the next five years.

That said, I think the country is electioned out for now.

But before anyone assumes this Government has five years in office, the outcome of the election, far from creating stability, has had the opposite effect.

The decision by the Prime Minister to call a snap and unnecessary election must go down as one of the great political misjudgements.

More so even than Foreign Secretary George Brown’s request at a diplomatic function that the person in the red robe dance with him only to find out he was speaking to the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro.

The Queen’s Speech is likely to be very different to the one planned.

Focus shifts to the parliamentary arithmetic with the Conservatives depending upon a deal with the DUP.

This is unlikely to be as smooth or lasting as the coalition with the Lib Dems because the DUP spends much of its time in Northern Ireland rather than Westminster.

Meanwhile, the Brexit negotiations begin in earnest, big questions remain over funding public services and over the security of the country.

In my view, the new Parliament must take a responsible and measured view to ensure the national interest prevails.

Politics really is getting interesting.