POLITICS: Key issues are ignored

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The three Ms – Macron, Merkle, May – appear to be having their present local difficulties in and offshore to Europe at the moment.

Other matters have recently been considered at a meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP 24), the 24th of the series in Katowice, Poland, and another event in Paris, which was related.

COP 24 does not just deal with Europe’s little disputes, it is trying to save the planet from the careless human population, which is increasing in numbers and needs in the 21st century.

If the UK and the 27 nations of the European Union were clear of the Brexit issue, they would be able to consider COP 24 on the worldwide basis necessary.

The cartel of oil producing nations, OPEC, has recently met in Vienna with their associated nations, described as OPEC+, to agree to reduce world oil production to a level where a sustainable price can be always obtained from those populations dependent on oil and gas.

The recent history of OPEC is that agreements are openly avoided because oil and gas are huge sources of income for the oil producers, such as Iran and Russia.

The deplorable attitude of the United States of America’s President Donald Trump to promote the production of coal, as well as oil and gas, in the face of United Nations and world advice on the burning of these carbon-based fuels (also wood and wastes) contradicts the basic aims of COP 24 and previous COPs.

The previous President of the United States Barack Obama had signed up to the Paris Accord on Climate Change, but this and other very important matters have been the subject of reversal by the present administration, unfortunately.

At the level of European politics it is difficult to see which of the Ms is worse off, (I suggest Macron).

The various conferences, from G20, COP 24, OPEC, and above all, the Brexit situation, have involved thousands of officials and media people leaving trails of pollution all over the world from aircraft and transport, but producing little agreement on anything.

By March 29 at least the daffodils will bloom.

Mr AM Johnson