POLITICS: Let's look at the whole picture

I write in response to a letter published anonymously concerning voting on May 5 and the effects Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will have on those considering where to place their cross (News Guardian, March 10).

Friday, 25th March 2016, 1:00 pm

It seems the writer is desperate to induce amnesia about Labour’s decision to elect a man who gave a minute’s silence to the IRA and has called into question the idea of ‘shoot to kill’ if a terror attack occurred on our streets.

The writer would prefer we assess local candidates “that would most meet the needs of the community”.

So let’s do that.

Local Labour candidates in Whitley Bay want to swamp West Monkseaton in unwanted housing as part of Mayor Redfearn’s Local Plan.

The public consultation on this was a joke with no punch line – placed in December while people were concentrating on Christmas.

I have not seen the Conservative leaflet this person refers to, but as a floating voter I am concerned about giving even tacit support to a party that both disregards the concerns of local residents and thinks Jeremy Corbyn would be a suitable Prime Minister.

So let’s take in the whole picture when we vote on May 5 – local and national.

Name and address supplied