POLITICS: MP does speak up for constituents

I write in response to the letter from Mr Bones (News Guardian, January 7), regarding Alan Campbell’s role as deputy opposition chief whip and his speaking record in the House of Commons.

It seems to me that Mr Bones is not aware that parliamentary whips from both parties do not speak in debates in the House of Commons, or of the other work that Mr Campbell does to ensure that constituents’ views are represented.

For example, just before the Christmas recess, he spoke up for local fishermen during a backbench discussion on Fisheries Policy.

And just this week secured an adjournment debate on catastrophic sporting injuries following an accident involving one of his own constituents.

I note that Mr Campbell will be continuing in his role this year in the Commons, and I am sure that along with this he will continue to represent local residents inside the House.

Ray Craven

North Shields