Council agrees budget plans

North Tyneside Council agreed its proposed budget for the coming year at an extraordinary meeting held last week.

In just under two weeks’ time, the full council will meet again to give opposition councillors the opportunity to put forward alternative recommendations.

Coun Judith Wallace, of Whitley Bay’s St Mary’s ward, said: “In all walks of life, people are accepting the reality that if you don’t have the money, you cannot spend it.

“This budget and strategic plan gives a firm foundation for the council to move forward and work to deliver a better borough for those who live and work in North Tyneside.”

Savings already made mean that residents in the borough could see a freeze in council tax payments and weekly bin collections will continue across North Tyneside, as reported in last week’s News Guardian.

The Learning Village proposed for Wallsend will not receive any financial backing as part of the capital plan, however.

Coun Wallace said: “Through our four year change programme we will do things differently - reducing costs, further driving out inefficiencies and making sure we provide excellent services which give added value for our residents.”

She added: “We have a practical ten year capital plan that will deliver projects totalling £45.1m in 2011-2012, a realistic figure unlike those of the Labour years.