Labour strengthens its control of North Tyneside Council

North Tyneside Council 's Quadrant headquarters.
North Tyneside Council 's Quadrant headquarters.

The Labour Party have won five seats in the North Tyneside Council local elections.

The ruling administration has strengthened its control of the authority and now holds 49 of the 60 seats.

Labour took two from Liberal Democrats and three from Conservatives in Thursday’s election

This means the new political make-up of the council, led by Labour’s elected mayor Norma Redfearn, is Labour 49, Conservative nine, and Liberal Democrats two.

Former Conservative mayor Linda Arkley failed in her bid to return to the council as she only came second in Benton to Labour’s Janet Hunter.

One third of the council was up for election this year with 72 candidates contesting the 20 seats.

The overall percentage turnout was 62.3 per cent (compared to 35.05 per cent in the previous local council election of May 2014) with 98,515 votes out of a total electorate of 157,913.

Labour Party, the Conservatives and UKIP each stood in every seat while the Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Trade Unionists & Socialist Coalition and National Front also fielded candidates in some wards.

UKIP, Green Party, Trade Unionists & Socialist Coalition and National Front failed to gain a single seat.


Battle Hill

Lesley Anne Spillard (Labour) 3,033

Chris Croft (UKIP) 1,258

Lewis James Austin (Conservative) 727

Turnout 60.49%


Janet Hunter (Labour) 2,954

Linda Arkley (Conservative) 1,440

Maureen Gallon (UKIP) 519

Mary Margaret Laver (Green) 349

Tim Wall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 79

Turnout 67.82%


Ray Glindon (Labour) 2,915

Stew Hayes (UKIP) 842

Ian Wallace (Conservative) 790

Turnout 57.24%


Norman Alan Percy (Labour) 2,658

Norman Morse (UKIP) 900

Carole Ann Ayre (Conservative) 601

Turnout 49.61%


Martin Gibson Rankin (Labour) 2,575

Barbara Ellen Stevens (Conservative) 1,551

Katrina Harte (UKIP) 1,049

David Andrew Taws (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 101

Turnout 62.34%


David McMeekan (Labour) 2,242

George Crighton Westwater (Conservative) 2,218

Phyl Masters (UKIP) 736

Mark Adamson (Green) 371

John Hoare (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 81

Turnout 73.74%


John Lawrence Langford Harrison (Labour) 2,890

Stephen Borlos (UKIP) 871

David Jonathan Griffith-Owen (Conservative) 433

Bob Batten (National Front) 102

Turnout 52.78%


Alison Theresa Vaughan Waggott-Fairley (Labour) 2,947

Karen Jane Gabrielle Johnston (Conservative) 1,396

Brian Needham (UKIP) 794

Turnout 61.93%


Karen Anne Clark (Labour) 2,978

Robin Arthur Underwood (Conservative) 765

Carl Dunn (UKIP) 733

Steve Manchee (Green) 321

Turnout 58.26%

Monkseaton North

Paul Mason (Conservative) 2,274

William Samuel (Labour) 1,865

Steve Symington (UKIP) 458

Richard Alexander Clarke (Green) 437

David Nisbet (Liberal Democrats) 290

Turnout 75.76%

Monkseaton South

Davey Drummond (Labour) 2,285

Sean Michael Brockbank (Conservative) 1,965

Gary Legg (UKIP) 824

Peter Charles White (Green) 367

Turnout 71.15%


Andy Newman (Labour) 1,804

David Ord (Focus Team) 1,201

Marcus Andrew Kitson (UKIP) 684

Miriam Mary Smith (Conservative) 313

Turnout 58.97%


Pamela Jean Brooks-Osborne (Labour) 2,315

David Alan Sarin (Conservative) 1,822

Peter John Martin (UKIP) 649

Turnout 69.51%


Wendy Lott (Labour) 2,741

Bob Sword (UKIP) 893

Maureen Jeffrey (Conservative) 687

Turnout 51.62%

St Mary’s

Ed Hodson (Conservative) 3,205

Graham Siddle (Labour) 1,596

William Hugh Jackson (UKIP) 685

Turnout 79.32%


Karen Louise Bolger (Labour) 2,884

Jean Frances McLaughlin (Conservative) 2,597

Henry Marshall (UKIP) 661

Turnout 71.76%


Carole Burdis (Labour) 3,061

Joseph Alan Furness (Conservative) 1,133

Peter Bayliss (UKIP) 937

Turnout 59.33%


Matthew Brian Thirlaway (Labour) 2,138

Margaret Anne Finlay (Focus Team) 1,389

Mark Bickerton (UKIP) 604

Claire Julia Griffith-Owen (Conservative) 312


Muriel Anne Green (Labour) 2,727

Andrew Charles Elliott (Conservative) 1,316

Irene Winifred Davidson (UKIP) 1,036

Turnout 64.73%

Whitley Bay

John O’Shea (Labour) 2,871

Frank Stephen Austin (Conservative) 1,667

Dave Cory (UKIP) 509

Turnout 68.26%