MARY GLINDON MP COLUMN: The scale of so many long-standing problems has been exposed by Covid

A recent opinion poll showed that no British constituency would have voted for Donald Trump, who was opposed by 80 per cent of us.

Wednesday, 11th November 2020, 5:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th November 2020, 7:33 pm
Mary Glindon, North Tyneside MP.

Most of us detest his egotistic escapades and are relieved Joe Biden won. But the concerns of Americans who back Trump cannot be dismissed – Trump was a symptom of a wider malaise that can be seen here too.

Trump wasn’t always wrong. He complained loudly, for instance, about America bearing too much of mutual defence costs.

There’s a saying that America cooks the dinner while the Europeans do the washing up. That caused resentment.

There is a deeper reason for American angst, which also underpins our politics. The material basis of our prosperity has been evaporating for several decades.

The process of globalisation has seen the emergence of a large and lower paid working class in China and elsewhere that undermined industries in rust-belt states and countries, including ours.

Trump was the wrong answer to long-standing problems. We now need to find the right answers to reset our politics and renew our economies. Otherwise, the deep divisions that we have seen in America will continue there and spread here.

The scale of so many long-standing problems here has been exposed by Covid and cannot be left to fester any longer.

I am thinking of the capacity of our public services, our social care provision, the role of municipal power and the need to increase our national industrial capacity, as well as the urgent imperative to tackle climate change.

Biden is a decent public servant who will try to renew America.

We must prevent Trumpian-type politics and incompetence poisoning our politics.