MP COLUMN: There will be an end if we keep our heads

This month marks the first anniversary of Covid. It is certainly a year we will remember and will impact our national fortunes and global economics and security for decades.

Saturday, 30th January 2021, 8:00 am
Mary Glindon, North Tyneside MP.

We have all been through the blender and just as we thought the end was heaving into sight, something new extended it.

Our scientists have worked wonders, as part of an unprecedented global co-operative effort, to devise vaccines.

Sadly, it is too soon to know how much immunity they give and for how long. Nor do we yet know if the vaccines stop us infecting others.

We need to be straight with ourselves and with each other. The vaccine may protect us from the worst symptoms of Covid but it is not a licence to resume normal life and all the social distancing advice still has to be followed.

Furthermore, it is our social responsibility to take the vaccine at the given time for our own sakes and for all around us.

Social media also allows people to say silly things such as we didn’t close pubs or restaurants in the Second World War. True but bombs often did.

No one had the right to ignore air raid precautions by keeping their curtains open with lights blazing at night for bombers to use. Covid is not quite the same but I hope we all take the vaccine when our turn comes.

The lockdown is tough, but the state must generously help those forced to stay home and we must obey collective rules or we will have to live like this for years to come.

There will be an end to this if we keep our heads.