MP supports science work

North Tyneside  MP Mary Glindon.
North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon.

A borough MP has given her backing to the importance of science funding to the UK economy.

North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon attended an event organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics.

At the gathering she met scientists who told her how university research in chemistry and physics has spawned innovations and inventions that are now creating jobs and economic growth nationwide.

She said: “The UK science base produces 15.9 per cent of the world’s most highly cited publications, with only 4.1 per cent of the world’s researchers.

“It needs long-term investment to increase its palpable benefits and I also think that science is an excellent career choice for young people in North Tyneside and beyond.”

Professor Dominic Tildesley, President of the Royal Society, said evidence showed Britain is a world leader in science and that government investment boosts the UK economy.