Pontoon to remove silt from lake

WORK has begun to overcome a long standing problem at a borough attraction.

For a number of years Tynemouth Boating Lake has endured repeated instances of unattractive algae turning the water green.

After manual clean-ups of the surface and environmentally friendly treatments failed to find a lasting solution, North Tyneside Council ordered a commission into the situation.

Findings showed approximately 2,000 tonnes of silt in the lake, providing a source of nutrient for the algae, leading to specialist contractors Land and Water Services being brought in on Monday to excavate it, which will take around four weeks.

The work will be carried out from a floating pontoon, as well as from the lakeside edge, meaning the lake will not be drained.

Once de-silted, an ultra-sonic device will be used to prevent future algae growth.

Coun Ed Hodson, cabinet member for the environment, said: “We are hopeful this work will finally solve the ongoing problem.

“North Tyneside Council has selected this time of year to do the work in order to minimise the disruption for park users as much as possible.”

Any fish recovered will be held on site and reintroduced once work is complete.

The silt will be stabilised and transported in sealed wagons to licensed landfill sites.

Park access will be maintained although the perimeter of the lake will be fenced off and some car parking spaces lost.