POSITION: A poem on Job Vacancy

I went to '˜Job Seekers' looking for work,

Saturday, 9th July 2016, 6:01 am
Prime Minister David Cameron. Picture by Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

But I didn’t hold out much hope,

I’m not the brightest button in the box,

In fact I’m a bit of a dope,

But I got a surprise when I went today,

They offered me a job, with excellent pay,

Accommodation included, all expenses paid too,

It means you will be living in London,

But we think this job will suit you,

So I said ok, I don’t mind moving home,

It will probably make a nice change,

I was wondering why I was offered this job,

To me, it seems all very strange,

So, now I’m off to work in London,

Not knowing what’s in store,

Because to tell you the truth,

I’ve had no experience,

Of being a Prime Minister before.

G Snowdon