POST OFFICE: Views may not count

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So Whitley Bay is to get a new post office and the new location is open to local consultation (News Guardian, May 31).

But here is a warning for residents – I believe your views will count for nothing, you will get what the Post Office wants, whether you like it or not.

We lost our local branch in West Monkseaton and the move to new premises was open to public consultation.

We had a branch that was convenient, with satisfactory parking, disabled access with automatic doors, and a pedestrian crossing nearby for crossing Earsdon Road.

Despite objections from residents and local councillors, we still lost the branch.

What did we get? Exactly what the Post Office wanted.

There is no disabled access, but a step, no automatic door, no reasonable parking, a bus journey to get there, no pedestrian crossing, no post box (this is the remit of Royal Mail), and the main counter is situated at the end of a long general store.

So residents, let your voices be heard, but don’t expect to change the Post Office plans.

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